Bernard Dunne’s take on the “Fight of the Century”

Bernard Dunne, the former WBA, and European Super Bantamweight champion, used to train with Manny Pacquiao and, like the rest of us, will be glued to his TV early on Sunday morning.

bernard-dunneIs this really ‘the fight of the century?’

It is. Two, top, pound for pound fighters going head to head. It has been talked about for a decade and although they are both possibly passed their prime, it doesn’t matter, there is still so much interest. It has caught everyone’s attention, even non-boxing fans.

Do you buy into the hype?

I don’t think it is over hyped. The fight is passed its peak but you are still getting two guys in serious condition with serious talent, hopefully putting on a great fight.

How important are fights like this for boxing as a whole?

In terms of entertainment, talent and excitement, it is a prime opportunity to show case everything that is good about boxing. But it will fall flat on its face if the main fight doesn’t live up to its billing

Will it have any impact on Irish boxing?

It’s like everything; the more exposure kids get the more they will want to do it. It is the same in the summer with tennis, or when Rory McIlroy wins a Major. So without doubt, this fight will effect boxing here. More kids will want to be Floyd and Manny.

Who will win?

I trained with Manny for over four years, he is such a nice guy. I would love to see him win. But the head tells me Mayweather will win. He has less destractions.

Manny has so much going on. He is a politician, singer, actor… He would go out after a training sessions and play a basketball or baseball match. He was never one to rest between fights.

Manny can’t afford to ‘box’ Floyd. By being aggressive Manny will play into Floyd’s hands.

So, my heart says Mannny. But my head says Floyd.