Measurement can fuel creativity and media sponsorships are far from reaching their potential – that’s according to the two panels hosted by Livewire at yesterday’s Irish Sponsorship Summit.

Our Managing Partner, Jill Downey, put a panel of media pros through their paces by assessing the media sponsorship landscape. Setanta’s Brian Quinn, Aidan McDullen from Communicorp, Dermot Rigley of RTÉ and Paul Cooke from the Sunday Business Post, fielded a number of topics including the development of licensing in the market. Overall the sentiment from the panel was that media, despite offering potential to address numerous business objectives, continues to lack investment and attention from sponsors. In fact, too often media sponsorship is effectively treated as a media buy, therefore limiting its role to a badging exercise for brands rather than a platform for developing engaging campaigns to connect with consumers.

Jamie Macken, Livewire Partner, hosted a discussion that focused on the use of measurement for fuelling the creativity of sponsorship. Ben Cronin, Sports at SMG, and Ian Murray, Bank of Ireland Sponsorship Manager, were quizzed about the use of research and measurement, not only as a measure for sponsorship value and effectiveness but as a force for connecting with audiences. While acknowledging the vital role of measurement in sponsorship the panel warned of the consequences of becoming a hostage to data, stating that it is important to understand the story behind the figures.

Our highlight from the day was the final presentation by Richard Ayers, CEO of Seven Leagues, He managed the almost impossible task of sharing digital insights while at the same time generating a lot of laughs from a late afternoon audience. Richard highlighted the importance of hiring the right people to drive digital capability. He described these hires as ‘hybrids,’ and implored managers not to try to be something they are not (digital experts) but rather hire people who are!

If you want to find out more about the topics we covered at the summit then please get in touch!