They say you should practice what you preach so what better way to launch a sponsorship agency than to put on a full-blown press confernce and announce a major sponsorship of your own? We called upon two friends, Ger Gilroy and Brent Pope to help make it happen.

Lured with the promise of a hot breakfast and a familiar face or two, we used every trick in the play book to build-up the drama before our big announcement – that Livewire is to become the primary sponsor of the Core Media tag rugby team. And, as if that was not enough, we revealed that Brent Pope has been signed to coach and manage the team for the 2015 season!

Despite the laughs there was method to our madness; by using the sponsorship of our company’s tag rugby team as a proxy, we were able to describe in detail best practice for establishing and managing a partnership.

For example our objectives are to create good-will towards Livewire, to get our brand in front of business decision makers and to create some fun and engaging content. The tag team, playing in the Dublin league, is the perfect property for achieving all of these goals.

We have now committed to sponsor the team for the 2015 season, supplying team kit and training gear as well as team management consultancy (and Brent Pope!).

The new Livewire Wizards team coach, Brent Pope, said ‘you have the All-Blacks and you have the Livewire Wizards tag rugby team. Enough said.”

The sponsorship – while created as a bit of fun – will act as the perfect platform for Livewire to engage with clients and to create online content. Afterall, this is a tag team and sponsorship agency with high ambitions!