Superior activation strategies are needed:

2016 will be a busy year with prominent Irish involvement in the Olympics, UEFA European Championship, Ryder Cup and Paralympics, not to mention the regular events on the Irish festival and sporting calendar. Each will present an exciting opportunity for sponsors to engage with fans. However, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd of multiple sponsors, and indeed non-sponsors, who might ambush the event. Therefore, it is vital that a sponsor makes their property rights work hard for them, through superior activation.

It is crucial for a sponsor to understand what rights they have and how they can creatively use them to their advantage. Brands that master this go beyond the purchase of rights; instead, they recognise ways to leverage their assets powerfully. This allows them to create a value exchange with consumers. A sustained video series from team sponsors Three, during the Rugby World Cup, amassed over 500,000 views and provided a more authentic content experience for fans. Adept Irish sponsors are already mastering activation, and seeing the benefit; it’s time some others caught up. The use of digital and social media activation is something that we expect to play a massive role in sponsorship this year.

The implications of superior sponsorship activations can only be positive for all parties involved. The fans and audiences win because better activation means a better experience for them; and as long as they are happy, the sponsor and rights holder are sure to benefit.

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