Immersive Media Sponsorships Becoming the Norm:

The world of broadcast sponsorship is rapidly evolving. While the motivations for engaging in broadcast sponsorship remain consistent, the executions are becoming increasingly innovative and tailored to brand objectives. The industry, as a whole, is shifting towards the area of branded content and ad-funded programming. We are seeing sponsors move away from merely badging a property; they are now forming part of the story or programme narrative.

This means broadcast sponsorships are becoming more immersive and more dynamic. As a result, sponsors can expect to enjoy more control, more involvement and, crucially, a higher degree of engagement with consumers. Of course, for a sponsor to receive maximum return, this has to be done correctly. A programme cannot exist solely to be editorial for a brand, and it is essential that this is understood by all parties. The editorial integrity of the programme must be maintained. 2015 saw AIB create The Toughest Trade in celebration of its sponsorship of the AIB Club Championships; this is a strong example of how to get the balance right.

2016 promises to see brands become smarter in their approach to broadcast sponsorship and content, while broadcasters themselves are becoming more astute in the creation of commercial content. As a result, it’s a hugely exciting time for marketers and broadcasters alike, as they seek to create viewer-led programming that also satisfies the commercial objectives of brands. Measuring the effectiveness of this content will become the new challenge.

Stay tuned to the Wire for more sponsorship insights from our Outlook 2016. Part 3/4.