Welcome to our report on the importance of relationships in sponsorship.

At Livewire, curiosity is one of our core values so it is not surprising that we set ourselves a task of uncovering the magic ingredient of the best sponsorships in Ireland. We wanted to understand how the people behind the biggest sponsorships in Ireland manage their relationships. Our goal was to lift the lid on these important relationships and pass on the learnings to the wider sponsorship industry.

All parties surveyed placed great importance on the quality of personal relationships for managing their sponsorships, but many admitted to often feeling frustrated. Overall, it is fantastic to witness the value placed on strong relationships, It makes us feel privileged to work in such a vibrant and people focused business. We are excited to present these learnings and hope that they will prove useful to people working in the sponsorship community.

After all, people buy from people.

To access the report, please just click on the link below

The People Factor