2015 must be the year when effective measurement of sponsorship ROI comes of age. The lack of robust measurement practices represents a blot on the industry’s reputation. Too often, exposure is the only outcome which is measured and all too often no measurement plan is put in place at the outset, with obvious implications in terms of ad hoc approaches being subsequently adopted. Industry experts will still tell you that, even in 2015, it’s not the ability to measure that is the issue, but the fact that knowing the true value to the business is perhaps undesirable! This has to change.


Both sponsors and rights holders can benefit from ensuring that proper measurement takes place. To achieve this, sponsors need to prepare their measurement strategy right from the start, before any deals are signed.  Rights holders should insist that a comprehensive measurement plan is a compulsory part of the partnership. Brands need to think about the price tag of the sponsorship as the real price:

Sponsorship price = property rights cost + activation budget + measurement budget

This is the true price of any sponsorship deal and should form the basis against which ROI should be subsequently measured. A concerted effort by the industry on both sides around this important topic will help sponsorship come of age and navigate it out of the ‘nod and wink’ reputation which has blighted it for too long.

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